Friday, 27 March 2020

What is stress? - by Augustine

What is stress?

Stress is a type of feeling you have, when you are tired, working too much or having responsibilities. Stress sometimes make you don’t feel like doing work, you just feel like relaxing.

Hormones are chemicals in our body that tells us how to react in a situation, like stress. When stress is inside you hormones tells you to react by moaning or being lazy if you don’t want to do work.

Stress is also caused by being scared or elated - over excited! Stress is also caused by breathing heavily, your heart rate is rising, blood sugar level increases, blood pressure increases and more.

Hormones don’t just tell us how to act in a stress situation, They tell us what to do when we are sick as well. Hormones also tells the immune system what to do in the body such as battling with illness like flu.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Steamship - by Augustine

Steamship Station

As I sit on my suit case, I feel sick. I can feel people squashing me. People are wearing blankets while sleeping on the hard dirty floor. I feel like a have abandoned my country.  

I can hear people's moan, and babies cry. It is annoying for my ears. I can taste nothing by my tummy feels like it needs food. I wish there is food in my hands.

In the station I feel the cold. I use my jumper to cover myself. It has really helped. I feel people kicking me while they are lying down. It is so uncomfortable. I just can't wait to arrive in America.

Friday, 28 February 2020

A memory - by Augustine

A Memory

My memories took me back to a memorable day of my life. There were lights, Camera, and of course people. It was New Years eve at night and my friends and other kids from scouts celebrated New Years by dancing and singing to music.

I There were so many kids and some adults inside an enormous but cold hall, dancing to loud and booming music. I was excited to be part of this celebration. When I entered the crowed hall at 7:00 pm the people were dancing and singing away. Some were shouting, and some were running around the place. 

The children sang so loud that I couldn't hear my friends talking to me. Most kids sang songs that were off tune. My ears were sick of hearing their singing But I have to get used to it for 3 more hours. The hall was so cool after 1 hour, I almost went outside to get some fresh, warm air. But I did not want to miss the party. Plus there were only 2 more hours left. So I stayed. A few minutes later, bubbles popped on my head. But instead of water coming out, mist popped out.  It was so interesting. 

After the party, I was so happy because it was the beginning of 2020. My friends and I went back to our campsite while saying "Happy New Year".  This was one of the best time of my life.

My groups poem - by Augustine

My groups poem - Augustine, Yael, Matheus, Christian & Kyle:

I am insecure about my identity.
I feel lonely.
I walk around and can’t  find anyone with blue skin.
I didn’t fit in.
I searched for people who had blue skin, so I wouldn’t feel like I was the only one.

I tried to searched but there was none.

The real Poem:
 She had blue skin, and so did he, he kept it hid, and so did she, they searched for blue, their whole life through, they passed right by. And never knew.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Blog Profile 2020 - by Augustine

Blog Profile 2020

Kia Orana, Malo Leleli, and warm greetings.  My name is Augustine from St Patrick's school, Panmure. I am a year 7 in room 8. I am a Tongan and a Cook Islander. I live in Manurewa, Auckland. In the future, I want to play professional rugby. I love playing sports. My favourite ice cream is Vanilla, my favourite colour is Blue and Red and my favourite animal is a Jaguar. My hobby is playing the guitar. My friends at school are Paul, George, Harley, and more.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Boy on a bike - by Augustine

An elevation chart

This chart shows the boy on a bike how steep and where hills are when he rides pasts them.

0 - 10 Km: 1,000 - 800 meters above sea level.

10 - 20 Km: 800 - 600 meters above sea level.

30 Km: 600 - 400 meters above sea level.

40 Km: 600 - 800 meters above sea level.

50 Km: 600 - 400 meters above sea level.

60 Km: 400 -  600 meters above sea level.

Summary - The steepest hill Mac has to look out for is from 0 - 10 Km.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Graphics - by Augustine

In Room 8 St Patrick's school learned how to use Graphs in Google sheets. Graphs are like diagrams. This graph or diagram shows the high and the low temperatures during the month of January. The numbers on the bottom are the dates, and the numbers on the sides show the temperatures. I also learned how to put data into a google sheet.