Thursday, 9 January 2020

Concluding the journey - by Augustine

Concluding the journey

The summer learning journey was fun. I had to skip some activities while I was away, but I slowly caught up until the end. This was fun and I learned new things. I had fun with websites and pictures on google. I also had fun by drawing on google draw. I think that I am improving my writing already. I also enjoyed helping my brother doing his part of the Summer Learning Journey. I also like other peoples writing. Especially the kids in my school. I hope that the SLJ will still be on next year. 
It has been a pleasure being part of the SLJ.

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En Pointe - by Augustine

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I chose this quote because it helps me to be what I want to be. It tells me what I want to be in the future.

Day 5: The world of hip hop - by Augustine

This video was awesome. It was like magic. I do not they need to change anything from that dance. Same as their costume. They really look good in Pink in that performance. I the way they moved. They moved in time as the beat and they were so flexible at moving. I was impressed by that dance move.

Great work.

Top secret street art - by Augustine

Try your own Tapa - by Augustine

Fassion Foward - by Augustine

The company Twenty Seven Names got was named at first Love Lies Bleeding in 2006. Then they found the name 27 names that was copied by a United States company, and renamed their original name to 27 names, because 27 people supported them from the beginning until now. 

Names for dresses: 
I don't thing they should change the original names. It names fit the dresses. So I think that there is no need of changing the dresses names.

Feast or Famine - by Augustine

I would participate in the 20 or 40 because I like helping people. Especially those less fortunate. When I help people, it makes me fell really good. I feel like a hero. One example of how I help people is by giving them food or money. I give them money and they use it to buy things that helps them to survive. Like water, food or blankets. Sometimes, when I give them something, they say that I am a "helpful boy" or "you are a kind boy". The things they say makes me feel really good. So if I have the chance, then I can go to the 20 or 40 to help those people in need.