Friday, 11 January 2019

Concluding the Journey - by Augustine

 Summer Learning Journey

In The SLJ ( Summer Learning Journey ) this summer I have learnt a lot about protecting animals and the environment. The thing with this SLJ is that it gives me different ideas and experiences some of the works are very hard but the information given helps me more. 

I was surprised to know so many new words and new things along this journey. It was so hard to figure out the answer to some of the problems and so many words that I could not understand. I worked hard and I feel good about it. I have discovered so many other things too.  

I was really concerned with how much rubbish that the people of the earth has created. I can help the environment by picking rubbish, convince family and friends to help me clean up Earth, and write an article or a poster to help promoting the idea. 

PS: Thank you SLJ for helping me learn those interesting and hard activities. I am loving it and looking forward to another one at the end of this year. 

Adoption Day - by Augustine

Animals I chose :

 A Grey Wolf

. A Black Jaguar

. An Amur Leopard

Similarities :

They have sharp teeth
They have sharp ears
They have four sharp nails.
They have four legs.

Differences :
They all have different colour fur
Two are cats and one is a one of the K9
They have different names and species
Their habitats that they live in are different.

For a pet I would like to adopt a Grey Wolf. This is because wolves are like dogs and I like dogs.

Environment Day - Beat Plastic Pollution - by Augustine

 Three things that my family could do to protect our planet.

. Pick up all the rubbish and put them in the correct bin 

. Stop smoking / burning rubbish / write a campaign to stop pollution from spreading around our earth

. Cleaning the sea waters and rubbish that are going down the drain ... sign the pedition like the countdown concerning banning plastic bags

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Restricted Access - by Augustine

It is a good idea to restrict the tourist for coming to the Machu Picchu. I say that so that when tourist comes there with food, drinks or any rubish, they might throw it anywhere and it will make the place dirty. Also there is too much people to visit because there might be a fight with other people because they both might want to ask questions or take pictures but it is crowed with people. That is why I agree to the government's idea.

The Plastic Pledge - by Augustine

I think that Countdown's idea of banning plastic bags is an awesome idea. I say that so that our great Earth will not be destroyed deliberately. Also because all of the fish and animals will die, and when we eat those animals we will eat little bits of plastic and we might be sick or dead. Us people should use reusable bags. Reusable bags stop will stop the pollution in the future. Countdown's idea is an brilliant idea.

Campaigning for Conservation - by Augustine

Animals yelp for help
Trees swish for a wish
Birds tweet for feed
No rubbish, No problem
If you help them, they'll help you

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

The Power of Ten - by Augustine

1. Kiwis - I would protect this NZ native bird because it is engangered.

2. Kauri trees - Because there are not much Kauri trees left.

3. Sheeps - Because people keep killing them for money.

4. All Trees - Because people chop them down for houses.

5. Elaphants - Because most peolpe are destroying them for money.

6. Lions - Because People kill and sell them.

7. Fijian Hibiscus - Because not much of them are around the country.

8. Horses - Because peolpe shoot them to sell.

9. Hedge hogs - Because people kill them for money.

10. Thorn Bushes - Because people cut them and burn them.