Monday, 27 July 2015

My Birthday

In the holidays my family and I went to Rainbow’s End for my birthday.  First we went to the show.  It was a magic show.  A man was wearing a night costume and a girl was wearing a fairy costume.  They told the kids to come up onto the stage to do some cool dancing.  It was a dance competition.  At the end they had to choose 3 winners.  The winners were a girl, a teenage boy and me!  We all did cool dances and I won!  They also gave me a prize.  The prize was a colouring box.  Inside the colouring box there were some flash colouring sticks. 

Next we went on the Log ride with my dad.  We went inside the log and up the slide.  At the end we slid down the slide.  We also went inside a tunnel.  The tunnel was scary, and the rest of the ride was fun and exciting.  I had a great birthday at Rainbow’s End.