Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Watching Television does not make us clever- by Augustine.

Learning Intention: W.A.L.T. write a persuasive writing.
Success Criteria: I am successful when I can argue and persuade someone about my writing.

I think people should not watch too much television.

People should not watch too much television because some movies are scary, violent and it has bad languages. It doesn't make us clever on school days watching cartoons. When children watches scary mov
ies they will have nightmares. If people watch too much television every day they will have sore and red eyes.
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But sometimes people should watch television because people could listen to the news and watch what is going on around the world. The television teaches us new languages. Some cartoons in the television are good for kids and babies because it has easy learning for the kids  

People are not suppose to watch television every day.