Friday, 31 January 2020

My first week at school for 2020- by Augustine

My first week at school for 2020

On the first day I was excited because I am now a senior, a year 7. At school I was chosen to go to room 8. The last class of St Patrick's school. When I got picked, I was excited and happy to be in a new class with new kids. When we went to class we started our learning about the Coronavirus and more. We also played in break time. Then school was over. That was a fun day.

On that day, I was excited to go back to class. We started our day with a karakia, and then talked about the Coronavirus. During morning tea and Lunch time, we ran around the school. We went back and finished off some our work we didn't finish on the 1st day. Finally we went back home.

Friday - Today
Today, I had a lot of running around and working. Again, we learned about the Coronavirus. We also learned maths, and now blogging. Soon I will be heading home after school.

This week at school I was happy. There are less arguments at school this week, and I am starting to love being a senior.

Monday, 20 January 2020

My family’s road trip - by Augustine

My family's road trip - by Augustine

On the 13th of January 2020, my family went camping at New Plymouth, Taranaki. “We had to drive so that we could see all the wildlife” my mum said. Even though it will take hours to get to the campsite.

The drive
It took 5 or 6 hours to get to hour campsite.
We had to pass Hamilton and Otorohanga. We took pictures along the way.
We saw places that we haven’t seen before.
It was fun but my bum kept hurting because I sat for a very long time. We went through tunnels under mountains, and we went past mudslides as well.
We went through the city of New Plymouth and we also saw Mt Taranaki.
I was thinking when we arrive at the campsite it would a sunny day. But when we arrived at the Campsite,
my bum ached, and it was the opposite of a sunny day.

The wet campsite
I got of the car and went with my mum to register us a site so we could set up our tent their. There were heaps of spaces for us to put up and sleep in our tent. But it was a wet day so we asked the receptionist if there was a spare cabin that we could use. There was one but we have to leave the cabin the next day. So we agreed that we will stay in a cabin for one night. Inside was a shower, a toilet, and one big bed and a bunk bed. My sister cried to sleep on the top bunk. So I let her, my brother slept in the
bottom bunk and my parents slept in the big bed. I’m lucky I brought my stretcher, and people who work in the campsite gave me a mattress. I used it on top of my stretcher to make it feel comfortable. When I came out of the cabin to go to a trampoline called the Jumping Pillow, it stopped raining. So I took my siblings to play.

The calm night
After playing, I took my brother and sister back to the cabin to have dinner, shower and to get ready for bed. We had chicken for dinner and had a nice and warm shower. After that I got ready to sleep. When I lied on my stretcher, It was comfortable because of mattress and the nice warm blanket. I could not wait for the next day.

The next day
That morning, I woke up finishing one of the best dreams last night.
After I woke up, I got ready for breakfast and went to play outside with my siblings. Then my dad said that we can swim at the beach after visiting places in Taranaki. So we agreed, but first we left the cabin and went to put up our tent.
Then we went to see so many places. We saw the Taranaki bridge and Mt Taranaki. After that, we went back to the campsite, changed and went to the beach to swim. It was fun. I went over waves. But some waves were too big, that they pushed me. I had fun at the beach.
Later, we changed and went to see the lights in a park. So we did. When we arrived and walked through the park, it was full of lights. There was a statue of a kiwi that was covered in lights. When we got back to where we started, it was past 9:00 pm. So we went back to the camp and had
fish and chips for dinner. Finally, we got ready to sleep.

Home again
In the morning, we had breakfast and packed everything up from the tent into the truck. Later we put the tent down, packed it up, and put it in our truck. Then we left the campsite. We decided to visit Taupo. But it was too late. So we past Ohakuni and went back home to south
Auckland. It took 5 hours from Ohakuni to our home. But I loved seeing different things around New Zealand. When we got home, I was thankful. It was like we have been away for almost a month.
But it was great being back at home.  Next time when I visit New Plymouth, I would rather take a plane, or else but bum will hurt.

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Concluding the journey - by Augustine

Concluding the journey

The summer learning journey was fun. I had to skip some activities while I was away, but I slowly caught up until the end. This was fun and I learned new things. I had fun with websites and pictures on google. I also had fun by drawing on google draw. I think that I am improving my writing already. I also enjoyed helping my brother doing his part of the Summer Learning Journey. I also like other peoples writing. Especially the kids in my school. I hope that the SLJ will still be on next year. 
It has been a pleasure being part of the SLJ.

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En Pointe - by Augustine

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I chose this quote because it helps me to be what I want to be. It tells me what I want to be in the future.

Day 5: The world of hip hop - by Augustine

This video was awesome. It was like magic. I do not they need to change anything from that dance. Same as their costume. They really look good in Pink in that performance. I the way they moved. They moved in time as the beat and they were so flexible at moving. I was impressed by that dance move.

Great work.

Top secret street art - by Augustine

Try your own Tapa - by Augustine

Fassion Foward - by Augustine

The company Twenty Seven Names got was named at first Love Lies Bleeding in 2006. Then they found the name 27 names that was copied by a United States company, and renamed their original name to 27 names, because 27 people supported them from the beginning until now. 

Names for dresses: 
I don't thing they should change the original names. It names fit the dresses. So I think that there is no need of changing the dresses names.

Feast or Famine - by Augustine

I would participate in the 20 or 40 because I like helping people. Especially those less fortunate. When I help people, it makes me fell really good. I feel like a hero. One example of how I help people is by giving them food or money. I give them money and they use it to buy things that helps them to survive. Like water, food or blankets. Sometimes, when I give them something, they say that I am a "helpful boy" or "you are a kind boy". The things they say makes me feel really good. So if I have the chance, then I can go to the 20 or 40 to help those people in need. 

Plot points - by Augustine

My story is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Day 3: Talk show host - by Augustine

My future job:

After high school I might play rugby or soccer as my hobby . I would love to keep playing those 2 sports. But I also love to either be a pilot or an engineer. Those 2 are really great jobs but I still do not know what to choose? After high school I will go to University and keep studying until I graduate, and fined a job for me. 

It is either soccer and pilot or rugby and an engineer.
What do you think?

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K-pop Heroes - by Augustine


For me BTS is a band that helps others. In the video fans said that BTS supports them. Also in the video I saw the band being humble by, not talking great about them selves all the time and they a nice little group. Fans edmire them, and to me I think that there they are one of my top 10 favourite bands. They are really doing a great job at going out to other cities and play music there, making their fans happy. 

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Girl Power - by Augustine

My role model are my parents:

I chose them because they help me in my learning and they teach me to wash dishes, clothes, mow lawns, and work outside the house and sometimes inside the house. I also chose them because they support me in sports, learning and anything that I participated in. They are supportive and they are really kind to me. They also teach me sports and interesting things about learning, like maths or history. They also take me places, and they take me to see my family sometimes. 

This is why I chose them as my role models.

Day 2 - Getting stronger by Augustine

My favourite bands & songs:

1. Kaimar Experience - Enua Manihiki ( Medley )

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2. Twenty one pilots - The judge

3. Bee Gees - Staying alive

4. Beach boys - Good vibrations

5. Monkeys - I'm a believer

The diary of Anne Frank - by Augustine


Dear diary

I went to a scout all the to Hamilton with my troop. My troop, the Hunua Deadghogs, arrived at Mystery Creek, Hamilton, for the 22nd Jamboree. Scouts from all over the world, Australia, Fiji, Cook Islands, and other countries and islands came to celebrate and participate in the 2019 - 2020 Jamboree. Kids and leaders put tents up at a site that they were given. 

On the third day of Jamboree, kids in their patrol go to do activities like - rock climbing, challenge valley ( where you get yourself muddy ), and some goes overnight to a lake called Lake Karapiro ( a place where everyone get wet ). 

There was also a new years eve party inside a huge building. About 4000 scouts and leaders attended the party. There were loud music, screaming and shouting. 

( I also made friends from other scout groups )

Then on the last day, we packed up and left the creek. It was a really great camp. I learned so much at this camp. 

It also felt like I left my family for a month. I am really happy that I am back home again. 

Romeo and Juliet - by Augustine

This morning, I woke up and got ready to go out with my family.
First I had cereal, and then went with my family somewhere in
Papatoetoe to fix one of our cars. We stood there for 40 minutes and
then we left. We left to the bank in Manukau, Westpac. My brother
went to the $2 shop while we waited for our parents to come out of the
bank. Finally we went back home.

This m'rning, i did wake up and did get eft to wend out with mine own family. First i hadst c'real, and then wenteth with mine own family somewh're in papatoetoe to fixeth one of our cars. We stoodeth th're f'r 40 minutes and then we hath left. We hath left to the bank in manukau, westpac. Mine own broth'r wenteth to the $2 shopeth while we wait'd f'r our parents to cometh out of the bank. Finally we wenteth backeth home.

Wk 4: Day 1: activity 1 - Rags to Riches - by Augustine

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Choose your own - by Augustine

Taitusi Taufa:

He is a Tongan man and graduated from University. Taitusi Taufa is now a teacher. He teaches chemistry in Fiji's University. After 3 times going under the ocean he collected sea cucumber, Squirts, and marine Sponges. He believes that these items could be created into anti-cancer drugs. While he teaches chemistry he is researching the chemicals in the Tongan ocean that could kill cancer.

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Caine's Arcade - by Augustine

My favourite game

My favourite game is playing rugby and soccer outside in my back yard. 
But I will be just telling you about rugby:

How to play rugby ( Tackle ):

1. Run with an oval shaped ball and you have to score a try by putting the ball down on the try line or dives - like this: 

Image attribution:

2. Make sure you do not get tackled once you have the ball:
( If you do, follow this move ): 

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3. Some people will kick or pass the ball to you. This is how to pass and catch:

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Day 5: Creativity - Ministry of inspiration - by Augustine

I would not join the Underwater Robotic team because :

I could just travel by plane or boat to other islands in the pacific.
I do not need to go to the Underwater team because I could learn living things under the pacific ocean. You can see sharks, turtles, fishes and any living thing under the water face to face. You can learn about them and you can learn how to catch them when you are out their in the pacific. It is also good for exploring and a great experience for you to know how it feels like to go out onto the pacific ocean.

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Putting our heads together - by Augustine

1. I put a sign that says "Welcome to Cambridge"

2. I made castles out of rectangles.

3. I coloured the castle out of red, purple, green and rainbow colours.

4. I made this castle from the app, Google drawing.

IMOKO - by Augustine

These are the 5 things that my family does to stay healthy:

1. Exercise - Walking, running, playing sports.

2. Eat - Sandwiches, ( Once a week only junk food ), cook meat together with vegetables at home.

3. Sleep at 8:00 pm and wake at 7:00 am. ( Have a nap in between )

4. Never stay any longer on devices. ( Mostly for me and my brother and sister )

5. Going outside and work - Water the garden, wash the car, or just clean up the house.

Medical Maverics - by Augustine

I chose the noble prize in physics -

Michel Mayor

The man I chose was Michel Mayor who won the Noble prize in physics in 2019. He was born in 12 January 1942 in Switzerland. He discovered a solar type star. He was awarded at the University of Geneva, in Switzerland.

Image Attribution:

James Peeble

James also won the Noble prize in Physics. He was born in Canada, 1935 in April the 25th. He was awarded at the Princeton University, United States of America. He was awarded because he discovered the physical Cosmology.

Image Attribution:

Didier Queloz

This man also won the Noble prize in Physics. He was also born in Switzerland during 1966. He was awarded at the University of Geneva and the University of Cambridge. He was awarded also to discover the solar type star.

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Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Need for speed - by Augustine

My car can go 250km an hour. The roof is flat and smooth so the wind could go over the car. It has really tough wheels, and it is made for me only.

Printing Prosthetic - by Augustine

This is what I learned from the video:

. People are making hands for kids who doesn't mostly have fingers. 
. They are giving it out to the kids for free. 
. One of the kids that uses the fake hand said that it is useful because he could hold things.

Suprising things:

. How long did the adults take to make the fake hands?
. How did they make the small fingers move the long fingers?

Image result for Prosthetics hands

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Day 3: Inventive Inventors - Nanogirl - by Augustine

This is the video I chose:

Would I live or not live in a tiny house?

I wouldn't live in the tiny house because . . .

. In the morning and when I get up, I will hit my head on the roof.
. There is not much space in the living room.
. What happens if I climb up the ladder and I slip? I would hurt myself.
. There is not much space in the kitchen also.