Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The tree hut treaty - by Augustine


L.I.. Respond to “The Tree Hut Treaty” by explaining.
By Wiremu Grace.

The Tree Hut Treaty

The new neighbours:
Today we heard the story about the “Tree Hut Treaty”. In the story some new neighbours came over to the house next to two children. Their names were Tia and Manaia. Over their fence they saw two kids that hopped off the car. Later Tia and Manaia rode their bikes. Then the two kids for the new house greeted them. They said their names were Crystal and Jack. Manaia asked if they had bikes.

Visit around the new hood:
Manaia and Tia showed The two new kids around their new town. They saw children sledding down the grassy hill in a hot, sunny day. Then they stopped and lied under a tree. Jack thought and told if the can build a tree hut top of the tree.

The new hut:
Tia, Manaia, Jack and Crystal  asked their parents to help them build up a
Tree hut. So the four parents agreed. Then the hut as finished .

A Bad Argument:
Soon everybody around the hood came into the hut. But Manaia thought it was crowded. So he tried to extend it by knocking of the wood. Jack was angry. The four friends started arguing. Then, without anyone know, Jack hid the ladder and said to himself no one will ever enter the hut.

The Treaty:
Soon Manaia heard and told Jack and Crystal about Waitangi day. So she made a rule about the hut. So everyone agreed to the rule. Then it was back to being friendly again.

The newest neighbours:
Across the road a new neighbour arrived to the new sold house. Two kids ran and saw the hut. Then they played in the hut. Finally the kids in the house played together every day.

At the end of the story I felt like that the kids will play forever because if they have the treaty rule then all of the problems will be solved, and if that does not work, the parents are also there to help them.

Friday, 1 February 2019

IRON MAN - by Augustine

Chapter 1
The coming of the Iron Man.

In the story, what I reflect is Iron Man was standing on the hilltop. He was bigger than a house and his head is like a dust bin. But his head was bigger than a bedroom. Soon he heard the see. The steel man had not seen a sea. So he flew to the sea. But then . . . CRASH Crash crash !  He fell into pieces. His head, arms, hands, ears, eyes and legs fell off the body.

The next early morning two sea eagles were flying around. One of the birds flew down and picked up something hard and shaped as a circle. It was a one of the Iron man’s eye. Then the hand of the Iron Man’s hand walked and picked up and poked the eye in his palm. Then he did the same thing with the other eye.

Then he put all his parts of the body together. Except for one of the ear. So he went to the sea and looked for it there. His eyes were red and soon It was green. The water was only up to his knees and put his head underground.

End of chapter 1#