Friday, 15 December 2017

How I make good choices-by Augustine

A) How I make good choices?

I help my mum to get the shopping

I listen to my parents

I will never play badly to with others

B) How I will do it?

I will  push the shopping trolly

I obey doing what ever my parents
asked me to do.

I will play nicely

C) How my choices in affects me?
When I help I get rewards.

When I listen I get things done.

When I stop playing badly I am very nice.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Gravity trampoline park - by Augustine

Learning Intention: W.A.L.T. write a recount.
Success Criteria: I am successful when I can write my story in paragraph  capital letters and full stops correctly.

On the first week of the holidays was a beautiful day to go to Gravity. Gravity is a trampoline park in Manukau. I went with my mum, sister, and brother.

Image result for gravity trampoline in Manukau 2017
When we got there we were given socks that stick to the trampoline. T
here are only three activities inside. 

I went to play basketball and 

I threw a ball in the hoop and it went in.
I also did a SLAM DUNK!
I also shot the ball backwards.

Next, I played dodge
ball and I hit a nine and eight years old boys with the ball. If you get hit by a ball you have to do five star jumps.
Then some kids that came from the holiday program played dodge ball too, so I joined in. I hit a teenage boy twice with a ball. I dodge so I wont get hit. My team won.

Lastly, mum said that it was time to go.We bought ice blocks and I saw my friend from rugby.I also saw my auntie and cousin getting in the park. We ate our ice blocks in the car and then we went straight home. It was a lovely, fun day.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Watching Television does not make us clever- by Augustine.

Learning Intention: W.A.L.T. write a persuasive writing.
Success Criteria: I am successful when I can argue and persuade someone about my writing.

I think people should not watch too much television.

People should not watch too much television because some movies are scary, violent and it has bad languages. It doesn't make us clever on school days watching cartoons. When children watches scary mov
ies they will have nightmares. If people watch too much television every day they will have sore and red eyes.
Image result for TV
But sometimes people should watch television because people could listen to the news and watch what is going on around the world. The television teaches us new languages. Some cartoons in the television are good for kids and babies because it has easy learning for the kids  

People are not suppose to watch television every day. 

Friday, 23 June 2017

Multiplying by two's,fives and tens -by Augustine

Before the spirit came -by Augustine

Learning Intention.W.A.L.T. identify how the disciples felt before the Pentecost.

Success Criteria:I am successful when I can tell the feelings of the disciples before the  Holy spirit comes.

The feelings of the disciples before the Holy spirit came.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Maui dolphins-by Augustine

Learning Intention.W.A.L.T. write a report.
Success Criteria: I know I am successful when I can write a report about Maui dolphins.

Maui dolphins are mammals. 

Maui dolphins are grey and white.They are the smallest dolphins.Maui dolphin fins are black and round.
They have fins for balancing and they swish their tails to move. 

You can find Maui dolphins at the West coast of New Zealand.Maui dolphins live close to shore.When you are on a boat you can see them in the water.
They eat small fish and squids. Maori people calls Maui dolphins popoto.

Maui dolphins are endangered species .

Image result for maui dolphin


Thursday, 15 June 2017

Breakfast by the sea -by Augustine

Learning Intention.W.A.L.T. retell one of the after Easter stories.
Success Criteria: I am successful when I can retell one of the after Easter stories in a drawing.

1. Peter,John and James went fishing. 

2. They were fishing all night but they caught nothing. 

3. Then a man by the beach told them to throw their net to the other side of the boat. When they pulled the net there were lots of fish.

4. Peter knew it was Jesus so he swam towards Him, then they had fish for breakfast by the beach.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Sharks-by Augustine

Learning Intention.W.A.L.T.write a report.
Success Criteria:I am successful when I can write a report about sharks.

Sharks are fish and they are cold blooded.

Some sharks are black and white, some are grey, and others are dark brown. They have fins and tails, they have sharp teeth and sharks have a pointy fin on the back. 
Sharks move their body from side to side use their tails to move fast and fins to balance.

There are sharks that eat seals, and sea lions. While most  eat fish. Some big sharks eat whales and some eat sea turtles.

Sharks live in oceans and some are in the river. Some sharks can live in the cold water and in warm water. There are sharks that lives in the fresh water, like rivers and lakes.

Most sharks give birth to their babies and some lay eggs. The 

female shark lays fertilized eggs.

Image result for sharksSharks are very scary.


Friday, 12 May 2017

Whales-by Augustine


Learning Intention.W.A.L.T.write a report.
Success Criteria:I am successful when I can write a report about whales.

Whales are mammals. It means they are warm blooded or they are born alive just like humans.
Whales use their blow hole to breath the air. Whales can swim 30 miles per hour.Whales use there fins and tails to move.The whales use their tails for swimming and the fins to balance .

Some whales are grey, some are white, some are whales black and white. There are humpback whales ,and blue whales.The blue whales are the biggest whales in the world.An adult blue whale is about 140,000 kg. or 150 tones. Blue whales are one of the loudest in the existence. Their call can be heard miles away.  They live in North Atlantic and in North Pacific and southern hemisphere.

A humpback whale is about 30 , 000 kg.A killer whale is about 5,400 kg., Sperm of whales are about 57 , 000 kg., Narwhal whales are about 940 kg. 
Sperm whale has a big head and a big brain.Whales can live for 40 years. Whales can communicate 100 miles to other whales.

Image result for Blue whales


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Prayer-by Augustine


Learning Intention .W.A.L.T. recognise Lent as a season  for turning back to God through prayer.
Success Criteria:I know I am successful when I can write a prayer.

Dear God,thank you for my family and friends.Thank you for the trees to make houses and the leaves that gives us oxygen. God help the builders to quickly build our new class room,so we could have some space.

Image result for a boy praying



Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Ash Wednesday:by Augustine

Learning Intention.W.A.L.T.- write a recount.
Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I write my story in order, use capital letters and full stops correctly.

On Ash Wednesday Father Andrew burnt some palms.Then we read our writing with drawings .My dad came when it was the Room 2's turn to read because my brother Daniel read some of his class's writing. When we finished reading, the paper were burnt .

Next we went inside the church and then we sang.
When the Gospel finished we didn't have a homely.Father Andrew 
made a cross using ashes and put it on our forehead.Later we had the bread and the wine.The adults have the bread and the wine.And the kids and babies have the blessing.Finally the mass was over. It was different,interesting but fun.
Image result for ash wednesday

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Grandma and Grandpa- by Augustine

Learning Intention:W.A.L.T.- write a recount.
Success Criteria:I know I can do this when I can write my story  in order, use capital letters and full stops correctly.

On Friday after school I had a special time with my grandma and grandpa. I slept with them because my mum said I have to help them until Sunday evening.

Then Saturday came, we just watched TV. We got bored so we ate pie with tomato sauce for lunch. My mum came with my brother and sent him to me because she was going to the dentist. She had a sore tooth.
 Later my auntie came to give my grandma's medicine . Then we all played cards. My mum came back to pick my brother up. At 8'o'clock we all prayed.
 I got my pillow and blanket ready to sleep. We watched t.v again
 and we found a movie called "Indiana Jones" . We went to sleep when it was finished.I said to my grandma and grandpa ''Good night''.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The day I saved Emily-by Augustine

                 The day I saved Emily

Learning Intention : W.A.L.T-write a recount.
Success Criteria- I know I can do this when I write my story in order,and use capital letters and full stops correctly.

Last  Friday I was fishing with my big brother by the river.

We heard a very loud scream.A six years old girl fell in the super cold water.She was shouting loud for help.I dashed in the freezing water and pulled her out with my clothes on. I was shivering because of the cold and freezing water.

I was breathing hard because Emily was very heavy to pull. Emily was breathing hard too,because she was scared to drown. 
Later, Emily's mother said to me'' Thank you for saving my daughter''.I said'' you're welcome''.
Image result for fishing in a river