Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The day I saved Emily-by Augustine

                 The day I saved Emily

Learning Intention : W.A.L.T-write a recount.
Success Criteria- I know I can do this when I write my story in order,and use capital letters and full stops correctly.

Last  Friday I was fishing with my big brother by the river.

We heard a very loud scream.A six years old girl fell in the super cold water.She was shouting loud for help.I dashed in the freezing water and pulled her out with my clothes on. I was shivering because of the cold and freezing water.

I was breathing hard because Emily was very heavy to pull. Emily was breathing hard too,because she was scared to drown. 
Later, Emily's mother said to me'' Thank you for saving my daughter''.I said'' you're welcome''.
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