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State of Origin - by Augustine

State of Origin - by Augustine
State of Origin is one of the most popular rugby league game in Australia. Once a year, the two teams New South Wales and Queensland Maroons battle for the State of Origin shield.

The History of State of Origin
State of Origin is a game that the two biggest states Queensland and New South Wales. When they are picked to be in either these two teams, it depends if they play good and play in that state. The two teams battle. NSW against Maroons play 1 game. If one team wins that game, than they win the State Of Origin shield. Then, until 1982, the game turned out to have 3 games. The biggest crowd was in 2015. There were 91,513. During 1999 Queensland and NSW had their very first draw. The points were 10 - 10. The very first State of Origin game was in 1980.

NSW History From Beginning To The Present Time.
New South Wales State of Origin team colour is Blue. NSW Blues has won in 2018. Won twice but lost to Queensland in the last State of Origin game. NSW wales was the champions on that day but Queensland are the winners. During 1980’s NSW Blues lost the first game against Queensland Maroons. NSW Blues have won their first ever game in 2005. 

Queensland History From Beginning To The Present Time.
Queensland State of Origin team colour is Maroon. The 1980’s huge game was won by Queensland Maroons by 20 pts - 10 pts. 8 games they have won. The longest player ever to play State Of Origin was Darren Lockyer and Cameron Smith. They both played 36 matches. Queensland has the longest winning marks. Finally their longest win was from 2006 - 2013.

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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Great White Sharks - by Augutine

Great White Sharks

Great White Sharks are one of the most dangerous sea animals around the world. They are most well known as man eaters.

Habitats & Regions
Great White Sharks swim around the world in the wild range of the ocean. Some swim in Coastal regions of New Zealand, shallow waters, deep waters, ocean floors and open sea. They also eat in the water as well.

Great white Sharks have 15 rows of teeth and 50 teeth in each row for an average shark. They eat mostly eat  fish, crustaceans, mollusks, plankton, krill, marine mammals and other sharks. Sharks have a nose that detect or smell other sea creatures near them so the shark can catch and eat. Sharks eat 0.5% - 3% of their own body weight in food.  Sharks known as man eaters but they don’t eat them. They swim up and sees a seal but it is not a seal, it is a human, but instead, as soon as the Seal which is actually a human gets in the mouth of a shark, The Shark taste the Seal but it now knows that it is a Human. Then, if the Human is lucky enough, the Shark will leave it alone.


A sharks average size is 680 – 1,100 kg. Sharks can reach up to 20 ft long. The biggest shark ever are females. Female sharks are 15 - 16 ft tall. But the Male’s height is 11 -13 ft long. Their skin colour is white and grey. Some are huge and some are not. Their gills are on the side near their face.These sharks had the same weight when they first found to earth.

150 years ago the Great white sharks were discovered by scientist. The biggest shark in History is called “DEEP BLUE”. But now the biggest and oldest of all is called “ Megalodon. It has been found 20 million years ago.

One of the most dangerous, man eating sharks ever around the whole world.

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