Monday, 22 June 2020

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

The Cloak of the Unknown - by Augustine

The Cloak of the Unknown

Yesterday, for Drama we began a study on Rapunzel. Instead of reading the story we had to design an artical to 10 second drama around different artefacts associated with the Fairy Tale. The artefacts consisted of: a black cape, bird/nest necklace, Padlock and key and lastly a crown. 
Here is the artical my group constructed around the artefact our group chose.

Monday, 15 June 2020

School Journal - by Augustine

One of my School Journal activities, I have drawn a picture on Google Drawing about my dream house. My dream house is even bigger than most houses and it has over 10 rooms. It even has my name, and a golden door handle. It also has wheel so I don't have to leave my house alone, and finally it has a pool on the roof.

Friday, 12 June 2020

Maths pixel face - by Augustine

My class have done a multiplication activity. Every time I answer a question, a colour pops up like this. When I continue to do this, it creates a picture. This is my picture.

Letter to a friend - by Augustine

Dear Corona Family

I hope you are enjoying your holiday in Woolpit town. I just want to tell you that after you left, these two green kids came to town. The people say that the children came from a cave. They went to school and a rumour was spread that the green kids spread a rash around the other children. People think they started it but we still do not know the direct answer to what or who started this contagious disease. Days later, the green boy was sick, and he refused to learn to speak English, eat food and take his medicine. He died. Then the sister wanted to build a statue of her brother in the centre of town. But some people don't want that to happen. That is all I know. 

I hope you are enjoying your holiday.


The tale of two mindsets - by Tom Foolery

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

My 5 Finger prayer - by Augustine

My 5 Finger prayer

Thumb: Family & Friends.

. I pray for my family that they will be protected through this time.

. I pray for my friends that may be friendly to one another.

Index: Teachers.

. I pray for all teachers, especially those who have children because they have worked so hard during this scary time.

Middle: Leaders.

. I pray for all leaders around the world, to find the strength to help their country through this time of need.

Ring: Poor & sick.

. I pray for the sick that they may be healed.

. I pray for the poor that they find strength through this horrible time.

Pinky: Myself.

I pray for myself that I can help people who are in need.

I pray for myself so that I won’t get sick or have any problems with me.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

My why poem - by Augustine

My why poem

My younger brother. My friendly father

My younger sister. My mum hates bitters

My accurate kicks. My dangerous tricks

My rugby talents. My easy balance

My fast legs. My favourite eggs

My smart brain. My soccer’s lame

My favourite friends. My body can bend

My strong tackles. My face with no freckles

My very fit body. My brains kind of cocky

My awful fights. My words I like

My favourite ice creams. My not so loud screams

My big, long hair. My games are fair

My winning tries, My food I buy

My high jumps. My body’s pumped

My friendly assists. My scary night shifts

My inspirations, My cleaning basins

My best bands. My friendly commands

My favourite team My inspiring dreams

My great me. My I feel free!

Seed Savers - By Augustine

This is a picture about the cycle of a broad been. It starts from a little seed, to beans that can be eaten or dried.

The "I am" titles in St John's Gospel - by Augustine

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

24 hour digital footprint - by Augustine

This is my 24 hour history

Slide deck - This is what I have visited the most
Class Site - This is what I have visited most of the time.
Google Sheet - This is what I have visited the least.