Monday, 22 February 2021

Christchurch Earthquake Prayer - by Augustine

 Dear people of Christchurch

I know how hard and scary the experience was for you. I know how you felt when you lost someone. I feel very sorry that young children suffered and came across a horrific incident. The parents that suffered for their children's safety, I feel you. So I wrote a prayer for you and those you lost.

Dear Lord

On this day, 12:51pm, many people died and many were traumatised.I pray together with lots of other people that this event won't happen again. We also pray for the souls that has been loved dearly by friends and families that are up with you that they may be blessed. May the people of Christchurch be blessed by you, Lord.

Have a blessed day Christchurch. KIA KAHA.

- Augustine

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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Malaria - by Augustine

 Malaria - by Augustine

What is Malaria? How is it caused?

Malaria is a fatal disease. This disease comes from a mosquito that carries Plasmodium parasites. One bite from this then it will travel through your blood, and within 10 -14 days it will keep developing.

What are its symptoms?

The symptoms are:

. High fever

. Sweating hard

. Headache
. Nausea

. Vomiting

. Abdominal pain

. Diarrhea

. Anemia

. Muscle pain

. Convulsion

. Coma

. Bloody stools

How is it Diagnosed?

Well the doctor will do some tests (blood tests). Only if you have symptoms.

Thank you for reading and keep safe.