Monday, 31 December 2018

Burning Up - by Augustine

You are my sunshine - by Augustine

5 Different ways to protect yourself from the sun.

. Wear sun hats - It is best to wear sunhats with brims, so that it covers your neck, face and head.

. Put sunscreen on you arms, face and legs - It is best to put on sunscreen so it will protect you arms, face, and legs.

. Stay under the shade - If you don't have a hat, stay in the shade so the sun won't burn you.

. Put some T-shirts on - So you body won't be sun burn.

. Wear sun glasses - so your eyes can see properly and the rays of the sun won't go in your eyes.

Look at me being sun smart. 

Togs or Trackies - by Augustine

I think that the best time for tourists to come visit New Zealand is around summer. I chose that season because it is around Christmas and new year, and they are special time for most New Zealanders. They can go for a ride on a fairy boats, travelling to Milford sounds and either going to the beach or the pools. 

They can also go up to Capereinga which is the very top of the north island in NZ. They can visit Auckland because it is the biggest city in, it has the tallest tower in, and the longest bridge and tunnel. They can visit Wellington because it is the capital city in NZ and has the parliament building.

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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Manihikian dance - by Augustine

During this week, I have been practising a Cook island dance to perform on the new years day for the Manihiki group. Manihiki group is a group of people that comes from one of  the fifteen islands of the Cook Island called Manihiki. 

Every year on the first day  we celebrate the new year with performances and food. I am looking forward for new years day because there will be people coming together, lots of food to eat, and me performing my dance on the stage. 

I really like learning Cook island dance because it shows who I am and where my dad comes from. My little sister and little brother are performing too. My sister is the youngest and she is in the video too. My brother and I are both wearing blue T-shirts. 

I hope you will enjoy watching my performance.
Next week on new years day I will show you my costume and my real dance.


Faded Glory - by Augustine

1. Put Fun games, activities and toys for children
Face paint costs $2.00, for one cheek paint costs $1.50. 
Action figer costs $1.00, and for 2 or 3 costs $2.00.
Knock down game costs $3.00, for one boat race costs $4.00, climb rock wall costs $5.00 and finally for a sack race costs $3.00. 

2. Put a market with food, cloths and shoes. (ask people for donations of anything with good quality)
For example: shoes of Adidas, Converse shoes, Nike, Everlast, and Fila shoes etc. and for all of them they cost $10 or $5. Clothes costs $10.00 a plastic bag. Volunteers can come and cook some food and sell on the day. Food such as kebabs, ice-blocks, ice-creams etc.

3. Put a 7 food stalls
Advertise a day like a food day where people come with their cultural food and sell it on the day. I will ask each stall to pay $200 for the day. They could sell anything such as donuts, chips, Kebabs and healthy food. For one and two bags of the donuts cost $5, for one, two, cups of chips cost $2 and for three $3. For 1,2,3 Kebabs cost $5. 

Before I start the fundraiser I will let people know the reasons for my fundraiser.

Friday, 28 December 2018

The black drain - by Augustine

Image result for Selwyn riverSelwyn River - Christchurch

What have been done to clean up this river ...
- People picking up rubbish, and some were taking the fish to somewhere else.

Image result for Waikato river

Waikato River - Waikato 

What has been done to clean up this river ...
- Used to be polluted but they picked up rubbish and cleaned the water.

Off the menu - by Augustine

I think that charging $100,000 is a good idea and that rule should continue to be there forever.

This rule hopefully will stop overfishing because there will be less fish for us people in the future. 

Overfishing destroy all fish and other sea creatures and they will become endangered. 

Another point is that, those people who are fishing are wasting fish that they don't want. They throw away the fish that they don't need and that is a waste.

Fishermen are also destroying the habitats of the fish by using all the new technology equipment like the 'wall of death' - or net of death. 

The rule is also stop commercial wants because people who are fishing all they want is money. Charging $100,000 might stop all those fishermen from overfishing and doing it for money rather than just for food. 

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Picture Perfect - by Augustine

In the first selfie I think that their favourite soccer team has scored a goal. In the second selfie I think that he was going on the longest slide. Finally the last selfie she is on the roof one of the largest buildings.

I think that the first selfie is taken in a Philopino soccer match. While they were cheering and shouting, that is when they stopped for a selfie.The second selfie he just finished climbing up the stairs to the top of the slide, and that is where he stopped to take a selfie.

Finally the last selfie she was in one of the greatest buildings where everybody can see the view of Italy.

It's all in the name - by Augustine

Grinky Water 

Image result for Rotorua's green poolBubble Water

Gas Sea

R.P.P ( Rotorua Poison Pool ) *

Green Whirlpool

Planes, Trains and Automobiles - by Augustine

For me, I will choose walking. I chose that option so that I could see the sky and the landscape slowly. I also chose that option because it is really good exercising. You can get fit everyday by climbing mountains, or fields. 

It is also good to walk because I always feel airsick or sea sick. I think I am not good with height. It is a really good thing to walk, exercise and explore Milford sounds.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

A Local Delicacy - by Augustine

Ingredients :

. two breast chicken
. Butter chicken sachet
. Bottle of thick, anchor cream


. Dice the two chicken breast
. Put the dice breast in a pot and then fry it
. Approximately 10 minutes, add the butter chicken sachet and anchor cream
. Stir it all together until it is cooked
. And now it is ready to serve

First you 'sea' me, now you don't - by Augustine

During the school days my family and I are all early risers because we sleep at 8:00 pm and wake up at 6:00 am. But during the holidays my family including me are night owls because we sleep at 11:00 pm and wake up at 9:00 am, except for my brother, he is an early riser every day. He sleeps early no matter what and gets up early. 

During this Christmas holidays, all of us are night owls because we all sleep late around 11:00 and we wake up around 9 or 8 o'clock in the morning. My brother Daniel is still an early riser. He sleeps early and gets up early. 

The Midnight Zone - by Augustine

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Stranger the fiction - by Augustine

Venus Flytrap 

 Mimosa Pudica


  • They both close there mouth and leaf.
  • They both need water, sun and soil to survive
  • They have the same colour green
  • They are both sensitive - as soon as you touch them, they react/move.

  • Venus flytrap has sharp thorns on the mouth
  • Mimosa pudica has thorns on its stems
  • Venus flytrap eats any insects that lands in its mouth
  • They react / move in different ways - when sensitive

Mighty Mangroves - by Augustine

My dad is the strongest in my family because he works every day. He cuts the lawn, picks up rubbish and goes to work from morning till afternoon, or from noon till night. He is the bravest because he makes my siblings and I breakfast, lunch and dinner. He also gives us new cloths. 

My mum is also the strongest because she washes the dishes, washes the clothes and drops us of to school and picks us up from school everyday. She also helps my dad tiding up the house, building something and buying gifts for my brother, sister and me.

They are the mangroves in my family. They can stand anything. 

Fabulous Flora - by Augustine

At first, I was not interested in weaving flax. 

After my mum and I watched the video, she told me that she used to weave flax making baskets and other things in Tonga when she was young. She also told me that she will show me how to weave flax making a fish but slightly different from what we watched, and she will video me making it. 

Watch out because my video will come out later.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Swimming with the Fish - by Augustine

My favourite activity is playing my guitar. I am really good at it. I really like this activity because the way I play my chords either by strumming or finger picking and changing from one chord - another. I also like playing guitar because of switching from one fret - another.

Something Smells Fishy - by Augustine

Fish Fact #1: The oldest known fish in the world is a 65 year old Australian lungfish. TRUE
Fish Fact #2: Sharks are the only fish that have eyelids. TRUE
Fish Fact #3: Starfish are a type of fish. FALSE
Fish Fact #4: Fish communicate with each other by making low-pitched sounds (moans, hisses, etc) TRUE
Fish Fact #5: Fish usually swim together in groups called ‘classes.’ FALSE

The Great Taupo Cycle Challenge - by Augusine

For me I would choose my brother Daniel because he learns things every day and is very active. I would also choose my dad because he is really energetic and a hard worker every day. And finally my sister, Marii because she is really good at riding bikes and running too.

These three are very supportive and even though Daniel is 7 yrs old, Marii is 5, I think that they are very good team to work with. Dad is of course will be our leader to lead us and keep us going. 

Friday, 21 December 2018

Going going gone - by Augustine

In New Zealand, our minister is Jacinder Arden. In NZ Wellington is our capital city but the former capital city is Russel. Wellington is the capital because it has the Parliament. 

In Auckland the is a theme park called Rainbows End. It also has the botanical gardens, the sky tower, the harbour bridge, and it is the biggest city in NZ. It became the biggest city because before Manukau city was separated, but now Manukau and Auckland bind together to make Auckland. 

There are also Taupo, Ohakuni where the snows are in the north island, Christchurch and a little island call Stewart Island. There are three island. First is the north island, then the south island and then Stewart Island. 

And there it is. New Zealand.

Living on the edge - by Augustine

Dear Daniel

Everything in Tantra is really cold. The Degrees is 0.0 c . But everything is O.K. I have been into one of the snowy mountains. I bought one snow board for tomorrows snow day. I have been staying in this awesome hotel room. I will write to to you tomorrow.

Blink and you will miss it- by Augustine

I don't think the Logging is aloud in New Zealand because they cut down trees and it will destroy our NZ natures plants like Kauri trees, Pohututkawa trees, Ferns and other native plants. The trees also gives us oxygen and shelter. They are also destroying birds, animals and insects home. 

Thursday, 20 December 2018

More than Meets the Eye - by Augusitne

1) What did is feel like when you climbed Mt Everest?

2) What happened when you came back down from the summit?

3) What day was it when you and your friend reached the summit?

4) How many people were there when you arrived?

5) What was the most favourite part of exploring?

Salt and Pepper - by Augustine

My Hotel is next to the sky tower in Auckland City. I would use bricks, use windows and tiles for the floor.

Pancakes and maple syrup - by Augustine

My favourite food is Scrambled Eggs.

How to make:

1) Turn on the frying pan

2) Put a little bit of butter on the pan

3) Peel the egg shells and put the egg on the frying pan

4) Pour a little bit of milk in the frying pan

5) Pour a little bit of sugar

6) Stir all the ingredients together

7)  Wait for 5 minutes

8) Pour the scrambled eggs on to plates/ a plate

And there it is. A yummy breakfast for the day.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The WWF - by Augustine

The WWF  is trying to save Freshwater seals and Tigers. To save the seals the WWF ( World Wildlife Fund) is making snow banks. Snow banks are like a a little hill so the the baby seals could live. Without it, they will die. While they are doing the job, other people in the WWF are getting more food and homes for tigers.

Fantastic beast - by Augusitne

My beast is huge, has black fur and a small head, and smells stink. It also has steel, small black nose, sharp teeth, big angry red eyes and a strong scary golden tail. It also has long grey toung
. My beast has huge two silver wings and sharp nails. The beast is camouflage when it is dark. My beast comes at midnight when the moon is full. My beast is really SCARY. 

The Secretive Skink - by Augustine

The reason why I want to be a DOC Ranger is because it is helping the animals in the island to survive and live. It is also good at looking after nature's animals. 

The reason I don't want to be a DOC Ranger because it is so much work and I have to go everywhere to buy food, toys and so many others. It will be the most stressful job I done in my life, and there are other things that I have to do like going to a celebration party.

That is why I don't want to be a Doc Ranger.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Weird and wonderful - by Augustine

So if 3 ml is a day and there are 365 days in a year the answer will be 1065 ml for a year.
Because : 

3 ml x 300 = 900
3 ml x 60 = 180
3 ml x 5 = 15 

So 900 + 180 = 1080 + 15 = 1095 ml

So I will put 1095 ml every day once a year.

Fabulous ferns - by Augusitne

1. Silver Ferns

The best uniform for me is the Black ferns sevens.

2. Football Ferns

3. Black Ferns Seven

Forest life - by Augustine

In 2017 during the school holidays my family went to see Tane Mahuta. The reason why we wanted to see this Kauri tree was because of its history that we read on books.

It was a big and tall tree. It is also the oldest tree or kauri tree in New Zealand. It was also an interesting experience to see the native plants and trees, like Kauri trees, Ferns and other trees around Tane Mahuta. My family had enjoyed our trip over there and I remembered brushing off our shoes before went into the forest. This was because of the disease that destroyed Kauri trees in New Zealand. I think the disease is called Kauri dieback.  

I really want to go back and see Tane Mahuta again. I want to see whether there is any change from the last time I visited Tane. 

Monday, 17 December 2018

Digital Footprint - by Augustine

My hometown - by Augustine

Manuwera used to be a big swamp, and all different types of storks used to live there. In our town, we have a rugby club for all age groups, a scout club including sea scout, and even has the one and only Botanical gardens in AucklandThere are varieties of fun activities and interesting events every where around Manuwera.

Manuwera is sometimes quiet and a bit messy. But every one is trying to make Manuwera clean by putting banners and signs around. These signs are to encourage people to keep our town clean and beautiful. 

There are two towns in Manuwera, and they are Weymouth and Clendon. The three towns are so close to Manukau city, and it takes about 10 - 15 minutes to get there. Manurewa is also about 10 minutes away from the Auckland International airport.

Interestingly, at night we see the beautiful and colourful sight of the airport and the sunset from Weymouth beach.


NZ Maori Legends - Three Top Facts - by Augustine

1. Kiwi is a fruit in New Zealand. Kiwi is also a New Zealand native flightless bird. So all New Zealand citizens are known as Kiwis. 

2. In the past, New Zealand was part or regulated by New South Wales territory, and then part of Australia in some years later. 

3. In New Zealand, Queen Elizabeth II is formally the Queen, and a Governor General is appointed to be her representative.

Friday, 14 December 2018

Shell fish - by Augustine

Learning Intention: W.A.L.T. write an argumentation.
Success Criteria: I know I am successful when I can give my idea to the argument.

What are cockles?
Cockles are small some are black and some are dark brown. Cockles are related to clams. 

Why are cockles disappearing?
Cockles are disappearing because people gather more than 50 cockles. They are disappearing because when people eat them on the beach the rest will die in the hot sand. Another problem is when the sea is polluted. The cockles will be in the deepest part of the ocean.
What can we do about it?
We can save these sea creatures by gathering cockles by the limit,put the rest of the cockles back in the ocean and never pollute the ocean.