Friday, 18 September 2020

Mop Head Representative meeting - by Augustine

This is a piece of writing in the form of a diary.  I have read the book 'Mop head' by Selina Tusitala Marsh and written this on response to her being bullied at school.

Mophead: How Your Difference Makes a Difference by Selina Tusitala Marsh-  Auckland University Press

Dear diary
You will never guess what happened.  Yesterday I went to a Restorative Justice meeting. I forgot what it means, but it was perfect for the situation. 
Anyway, it started like this.

I got a call from my sister. She told me what happened. She said that her daughter was into trouble. She was being mocked and teased by one of her class mates. They called her mean words that described her big curly hair. They called her "MOP HEAD!" 
I said "I'm on my way to the school."  I drove, and what I saw impressed me.

When I got out of the viechle,  I saw that the school was clean and tidy. Running into the office I asked them where my niece was, Selina, we were meeting. They showed me where to find her. Surprised and happy faces greeted me. I saw my niece, looking happy at my arrival, but I know inside she was nervous.  Then I saw the enemy, Bob and his parents. He looked chill and calm.

The principal came in and started by talking about what had happened. The principal  decided to suspend Bob for 2 days for teasing a student in a very mean way. My niece was happy that she is now safe. I was proud of her for being brave and telling someone. 

Sleep Sleuths - by Augustine


This is an activity from my reading. I must research how many hours of sleep for different ages. 

Aroha's way - by Augustine

 Aroha's Way

The children played happily in the woods. Feeling free. They ran everywhere. Laughing and smiling. The cool breeze blowing. But when Aroha heard screams the free spirit left and horrific thoughts arrived in her head.

She ran while breathing heavily, eyes flooding with tears. Looking and feeling worried. Aroha then stopped in front of her friend's jackets and shirts. She was worried and cried. She heard laughs, creepy laughs. She wanted to see what happened to her friends. But she became paralysed. Feeling upset while thinking of what to do next. But nothing came to her.

Aroha, still crying while thinking. Seeing nothing that will help her. Trying to find her way home without getting caught. Seeing movement and hearing cars up ahead. She runs towards them and finds what she's looking for. She looks happy and joyful to see her home again. But also disappointment and sad that her friends in her heart have now faded away.

The End