Friday, 11 January 2019

Concluding the Journey - by Augustine

 Summer Learning Journey

In The SLJ ( Summer Learning Journey ) this summer I have learnt a lot about protecting animals and the environment. The thing with this SLJ is that it gives me different ideas and experiences some of the works are very hard but the information given helps me more. 

I was surprised to know so many new words and new things along this journey. It was so hard to figure out the answer to some of the problems and so many words that I could not understand. I worked hard and I feel good about it. I have discovered so many other things too.  

I was really concerned with how much rubbish that the people of the earth has created. I can help the environment by picking rubbish, convince family and friends to help me clean up Earth, and write an article or a poster to help promoting the idea. 

PS: Thank you SLJ for helping me learn those interesting and hard activities. I am loving it and looking forward to another one at the end of this year. 

Adoption Day - by Augustine

Animals I chose :

 A Grey Wolf

. A Black Jaguar

. An Amur Leopard

Similarities :

They have sharp teeth
They have sharp ears
They have four sharp nails.
They have four legs.

Differences :
They all have different colour fur
Two are cats and one is a one of the K9
They have different names and species
Their habitats that they live in are different.

For a pet I would like to adopt a Grey Wolf. This is because wolves are like dogs and I like dogs.

Environment Day - Beat Plastic Pollution - by Augustine

 Three things that my family could do to protect our planet.

. Pick up all the rubbish and put them in the correct bin 

. Stop smoking / burning rubbish / write a campaign to stop pollution from spreading around our earth

. Cleaning the sea waters and rubbish that are going down the drain ... sign the pedition like the countdown concerning banning plastic bags

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Restricted Access - by Augustine

It is a good idea to restrict the tourist for coming to the Machu Picchu. I say that so that when tourist comes there with food, drinks or any rubish, they might throw it anywhere and it will make the place dirty. Also there is too much people to visit because there might be a fight with other people because they both might want to ask questions or take pictures but it is crowed with people. That is why I agree to the government's idea.

The Plastic Pledge - by Augustine

I think that Countdown's idea of banning plastic bags is an awesome idea. I say that so that our great Earth will not be destroyed deliberately. Also because all of the fish and animals will die, and when we eat those animals we will eat little bits of plastic and we might be sick or dead. Us people should use reusable bags. Reusable bags stop will stop the pollution in the future. Countdown's idea is an brilliant idea.

Campaigning for Conservation - by Augustine

Animals yelp for help
Trees swish for a wish
Birds tweet for feed
No rubbish, No problem
If you help them, they'll help you

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

The Power of Ten - by Augustine

1. Kiwis - I would protect this NZ native bird because it is engangered.

2. Kauri trees - Because there are not much Kauri trees left.

3. Sheeps - Because people keep killing them for money.

4. All Trees - Because people chop them down for houses.

5. Elaphants - Because most peolpe are destroying them for money.

6. Lions - Because People kill and sell them.

7. Fijian Hibiscus - Because not much of them are around the country.

8. Horses - Because peolpe shoot them to sell.

9. Hedge hogs - Because people kill them for money.

10. Thorn Bushes - Because people cut them and burn them.

My adventures in Eua - by Augustine

While we were at Tonga we went to awesome places.

Out of all the country in the world, this place is the first to see the sunrise.

 This place is called the Hafu pool. When we first got in the pool it was freezing.

This is one of the places in Eua that ends. Try this. Throw any T shirts and throw it down to where the water is and the wind will blow it opposite the sea water. It is really cool.

Finally after church we took pictures with a nun. We live opposite the house you can see in the background. My uncle is a priest.

Protecting the most vulnarable - Fact or fiction - by Augustine

. Maui Dolphins has echolocation like other Dolphins. They can also see while they are listening

. Maui Dolphins eat squid, fish, Cod and flatfish

. Maui Dolphins live around the North island.

True or fauls:

1. Do Maui Dolphins eat seaweed ?

2. Do Maui Dolphins live in the South Island of New Zealand ?

3. Are Maui Dolphins created by the God  called Maui ?

Predator Free 2050 - A call to Arms - by Augustine

My video that I would pick is the ZERO INVASIVE PREDATOR (ZIP) because ZIP has been teamed up with Predator Free, Cacophony Project, and Taranaki Mounga project to kill predators in New Zealand. They have been went to the Southern Alps because it has two strong rivers. Possums do not like water. They have been radio tagging Kea and Tahr to detect any attack of the predators.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

A protective plant - by Augustine

In my back yard I would plant

. Apples

. Oranges

. Banana

. Cauliflower

. Broccoli

. Carrots

. Peppers

. Potatoes

. Tomato

. Pickles

A Flying Fox - by Augustine

If my family and I were going to Rotorua Zipline I would be exited. It is a good and awesome feeling visiting the Zipline in Rotorua. It is good because I can see all of Rotorua's plants, trees, and living animals. It is really  good to see and experience New Zealand's creatures.

A house is not a home - by Augustine

Image result for Tonkin monkeyConserving the endangered monkey is really interesting for me because it is endangered or not much in Vietnam. It is one of the most 25 endangered species in the world. It does not live anywhere else in the world. It is very active during the day up in the Vietnam trees. Their food is leaves, fruit, flowers, and seeds.

Monday, 7 January 2019

The sky in Shanghai - by Augustine

sky in shanghai
is really, really high
But heaps of people have died 
and some are lucky to survive.
It is not like NZ or USA
But it is beutiful and well OK.

Guardian of the sea - by Augustine

I don't think that the Taniwha is real. I think that because it might be some machine or a geyser making those bubbles. Taniwha is not real because no one has seen in forever, and it telled that it is a maori legend for years. 

World of wearable WOW - by Augustine

. Why did you create the world of wearable WOW ?

. Where did you get the Idea of creating WOW ?

. Why do people competing in WOW make there outfits with recycles ?

. When did you start creating WOW ?

. Who inspired you to create somthing interesting ?

Let It Rain - by Augustine

On a bad and everything is raining acid I went to the the city of Auckland and called out the people of Auckland city came to me. I told them " Stop polluting the air and the great earth we have" So then all of the people listened and followed me. So all the smoke from factories stopped and found a different solution to make smoke.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Changing Climates - by Augustine

One of the five things I like to do is to . . . 

. Get muddy - running around

. Playing with my guitar

. Read books or write stories

. Get fit - dancing to music

. Play games and activities, like snake and ladder, playing cards etc

Persistent Pollution - by Augustine

Greenhouse gasses -
Greenhouse gasses are when smoke rises and the sun beams comes to the earth. That will a climate change and the temperatures will rise.

Smog -
Smog comes from smoke from our factories, cars and coal.
Smog is also a time of fog except  that Smog is bad for plants, eyes and causes stress.

Toxic pollution - 
Toxic pollution is made of rubbish, coal and burning vaseline. Toxic pollution can cause cancer, and birth affections.

Crazy, cool clouds - by Augustine

In page 3 I can see a shape of a face and a little boat underneath. In the face shape I can see two eyes, one big and one small, a small nose, a big mustache, two huge eye brows, and a tiny mouth. In the boat I can see a big and short mast, the little body of the boat, and a white sail. The boat is underneath the mouth and I think it could the chin.

The seven sisters- by Augustine

The seven sisters

In the beginning, there was a young boy called Mitai and lived with his seven brothers.
Mitai was the youngest out of the seven brothers. All of them were raised by their father named Poroa. The seven brothers were strong and very handsome. But Mitai can transform into any bird. 

But one day, they found seven sisters in the sky. when the sisters saw them, the brothers fell in love with them. But when Mitai saw the sisters, he refused to the brothers to not let them in. He told them they might harm us and they are not like us.

But the seven brothers ignored Mitai and was interested in the wemen they love. So they brought them to their village to become their wife. But Mitai did not like the wemen. 

Later, the brothers did not go out hunting, they stayed with their wife. But the wife refused to eat any food beside sea food.

The brothers were bony and the handsomeness was gone. They could not eat or even look after their garden. Mitai was really worried so he hid and looked at his brothers wife. But the wife in each house will not go out of the house.

When the oldest brother finished fishing, he called out his wife. But no wife was to be seen. So he visited and asked all of his brothers. But they also have lost their wife. So Mitai walked and looked for them. One day he his behind a tree and saw six fantails near a house. Soon he found the seventh fantail which came out of the house and flowed the other fantails.

Mitai transformed into a Kereru  and followed the fantails. They arrived at a rocky hill and made a plan after they transformed back into the sisters. While Mitai was still the bird, he herd the plan. He herd them say to let your husbands starve to death. So Mitai flew back to his brothers and told them the sisters plan. 

But the brothers refused to listen. But Mitai said " look at each other. You used to be mighty and good looking" So they listened and told Mitai told them to visit Terafata and tell him all about the seven sisters. So The father gave them a magical net. To catch them.

The next day, they all hid waiting for the seven fantails. As soon as they saw seven fantails, they caught them with the net. Then the fantails turned back to the sisters. Mitai turned to a albatross and flew them to the sky. He gave them to the god of stars and told him to put these sisters far far away from heaven and earth. 

But only once a year they can only see the stars to shine. Those sisters and the stars of Matariki. The names of the sisters are called Matariki, Ururangi, Waipurarangi, Waite, Waita, Tukuwanuku and Tukuwarangi.

The southern lights - by Augustine

 L - Lit up the sky
 I - Incredible view

 G - Great horizon
 H - Happy destination
 T - Terrific for travellers
 S - Sight of heaven

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Wind Beneath My Wings - by Augustine

Flying foxes - by Augustine

One of my powers is controlling things and people. I chose that power so that when someone bosses or tries to kill me I will do somthing to stop them. My power includes flying. I chose that power because I want to fly everywhere including planets. Finally, the last part of my power is everlasting strength and my body is made out of steel. If I get shot it won't kill me because I am a steel.

This is a picture of myself that I drew:

Bird of the year - by Augustine


Tui is one of New Zealand's native birds. The colours of their feathers are green, white, blue, black and orange. The English name for Tui is called the Parson Bird because of the white tuffs on the neck. Tui birds eat nectar, insects, seeds, and fruit. Tui birds live in the North Island, the west and south coasts of the South Island, the Stewart Island, and the Chatham Islands.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Flying Fungi - by Augustine

7 moulds found in one classroom, and the cleaner said that it would take 5 days to get one mould removed. 

1 mould = 5 days to get removed
2 moulds = 10 days to get removed
3 moulds = 15 days to get removed
4 moulds = 20 days to get removed
5 moulds = 25 days to get removed
6 moulds = 30 days to get removed
7 moulds = 35 days to get removed

For the 7 moulds to get removed, it will take 35 days.

Carbon sinks don't stink - by Augustine

The food that I would put in my special draining sink are: 

  • chips
  • oranges
  • apple slices
  • bread crumbs
  • left over rice
  • chocolate cake.

Bee Informed - by Augustine

  • The word ‘bumblebee’ is a compound word (bumble + bee). The word ‘bumble’ means to hum, buzz, or drone.
  • Bumblebees can fly very quickly. They can reach ground speeds of 54 kilometres per hour (km/h).
  • Bumblebees are very strong! They carry up to 90 percent of their body weight in food with them to avoid starvation.
  • Bumblebees can do more work and carry more pollen than other bees, including honeybees. In fact, they can do up to  50 times as much work as a normal honeybee.
    Image result for bumblebee animal
  • The number of bumblebees is declining in New Zealand due to a number of factors, including the removal of wildflowers and flowering trees, habitat loss, and extensive use of pesticides.