Friday, 27 December 2019

Hidden figures - by Augustine


I love code. In term 4 my class did code. It was cool. I like coding because I learn angles and measurement. Sometimes I just play around with other code games.

Overcoming Adversity - by Augustine

Augustine: ( Me )
The challenge I did was going to camp for 2 days without my parents. This was a scout camp. It was sad to leave my parents behind but I overcame it after the 2 days. When I saw them after 2 days, I didn't want to leave the camp. I enjoyed that time. It was fun.

My mum:
My mum went through tough times. When she was little in Tonga, she got hidings from her parents and went to play with kids every evening. She made some bad choices at school and got big hidings from her mum. But a few years later, she got married and moved here in New Zealand. She is enjoying it here. So are we. She is proud because she overcame all those bad things in the past.

My dad:
When my dad played rugby, he got injured 2. He got injured the first time and his mum said, do not play anymore rugby. But he did, and he got injured again. So he stoped playing rugby, and then kept he playing rugby until he reached his 30's or 40's. He is proud because he overcame his problem. 

Day 2: Cracking the code, Through careful Observation - by Augustine

The picture I chose was this: 

In this picture, I see:

1. Colourful Houses and a Church

2. The yellow moon and stars

3. Mountains and hills

4. Black fire

5. Clouds

Thursday, 26 December 2019

Apple vs Microsoft - by Augustine

Real Madrid C.F - Real Madrid was first named ' Madrid Club de Futbal '. Real Madrid  wears white because they believe that there was a legend behind the white shirt. They are also one of the top team in a football league in Spain named Laliga.

Image Attribution:

F.C Barcelona - F.C Barcelona was the team that one of the greatest soccer players, Lionel Messi. Barcelona was one of the greatest teams in a football league in Spain.

Image Attribution:

Paris saint Germain - P.S.G was not in the Spanish football league, they are in the France football league. PSG is one of the well known teams. They also have great players. 

Image Attribution:

Influencers - by Augustine

If I had a chance of making my own my YouTube channel it would be about HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT.

I chose this problem because in some parts of New Zealand, people are polluting the ocean, and lands that makes climate change. I also chose this problem because, when people are polluting the fish will die and animals flying or walking will also die. That is why in my video I will encourage those people to pick up rubbish along the beaches and native forests. 

Week 3 - Day 1 - The world wide web - by Augustine

This is was I wrote and I am going to present it to you:

Choose your own - by Augustine

Bill English

Bill English was born in 1961. Bill was the prime minister of New Zealand and was the leader of the National Party. He was the deputy minister from 2008 - 2016. 

Leading by example - by Augustine

Once, I helped my brother pack up his stuff in his room. I got a reward after that. But the great thing is, I helped my brother. I really felt good.

Another person a helped was my mum. I helped her by vacuuming the house, washing the dishes and hanging the clothes. I felt great after helping my mum.

Day 5: Humanitarian Heroes - Everyday heroes - by Augustine

I would help those people fighting fires by selling cookies and Cook Island Donuts.
If I had enough money, I would give the fire fighter water and food once in 2 days.

Wise Words - by Augustine

My dad:


"Listening, listening is very important" he said. "If you listen you can understand everything the person asks you".

Celebrating Diversity - by Augustine


1. The first people that lived in Australia was called Aboriginal.
2. They lived over 50,000 years.


1. One of their main religion is Christian.
2. One of their main languages is Motu English.

Day 4: Indigenous Rights - Guiding Principles - by Augustine

Belle of the ball - by Augustine

Harry Potter and the Philosopher stone

I like this book because there is adventure and I like magic. 

Review of the book:

A young boy named Harry Potter lived with his uncle and aunties place. Then one day they moved into a lighthouse so that Harry Potter doesn't get any mail from a school called Hogwarts. One night a huge giant man broke the front door of their lighthouse. Harry woke up in a shock. The giant said that his name is Hagrid that works in a magic school, Hogwarts. He took Harry to Hogwarts to learn spells and poisons. But first Harry has to buy wands, spell and poison books, and his own pet. Harry got money from a wizards bank, Gringotts. After that he went to London's train station with Hagrid, his ticket said that the train is on platform 9 3/4. He was confused, but he had help with some kids and a mum that was going to platform 9 3/4 as well. He was on the platform and made 2 friends on the train. There was so many kids on the Hogwarts train. When they arrived, they went inside the school, went inside the main hall and was sorted by a sorting hat, that will sort them into their houses. The houses were Grifindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Harry and his 2 friends Hermione ( Girl ) and Ron
( Boy ) was sorted and their house was Grifindor. The greatest professor of Hogwarts said that if someone does anything great, they earn point, but if they do anything bad, they loose points.

Harry went through tough times in this book, like he played his first Quidich match. The 1st years never had a chance playing Quidich, but when he found out that someone was about to steel something that belongs inside the school - Philosopher Stone, Harry and the 2 friends went to save the day, They went through 3 headed dogs, they went through a weird plant that kills you if you do not relax. If you do, then they take you down to the floor and you survive. But Ron had a problem with that. And the final test was to play chess. Ron sacrificed himself so that only Harry could keep going. Then Harry knows that one of the teachers, Professor Quirell tried to steel the stone. But Harry stopped him and saved the day. Griffindor had the most points and won a cup. The house cup. Later, Harry went back home on the train.


The right to an education - by Augustine

The talented boy

Once upon a time, there lived a boy in the a little town in South Auckland. He has to wake up really early to go to school in Mt Wellington. He also has to go to a guitar lesson in Otahuhu every Friday after school. The mother has to take him, his brother and sister everywhere. He is also talented like, playing guitar, playing sports, and goes Alter serving at church, playing guitar at church and reading at church and other places. He was very talented for an 11 year old boy and very loved boy. 

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Day 3: Woman's rights - The right to vote - by Augustine

Replacing Kate Sheppard from the New Zealand $10 note, I chose Jacinda Ardern. I chose her because she is one of the greatest Prime Ministers New Zealand has seen. She is also kind, and helpful. She also supports New Zealand. 

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

I have a dream - by Augustine

Rosa Parks - 

Born on - 1913
Home town - Alabama
Died - 2005

Rosa Parks's parents divorced, and she moved with her mum to her grandparents house. She went to school there. When she went to high school, she studied hard, but at the age of 16, she stopped because she had to take care of her mum. When she was 19, she got married. Then one day, when she was on the bus, she sat in front seat, together with the white people, she refused to move, so she got arrested and was fined. But she didn't want to pay the fine.

After this problem, the black people got angry, so they started a protest. They stoped going on busses to stop the busses from moving. Then on 1956, they rewarded. Now the black people can sit in the front with the white people on busses, trains and other type of transports. This changed the United States. 

Rosa Parks was known as 'The mother of the civil rights movement'.

Monday, 23 December 2019

School strike for climate - by Augustine

These are the 3 things I learned from the website:

1. The government in Australia are not doing anything about climate change.

2. The school is going on strike about the climate change.

3. They sacrifice their education for this problem.

A long walk to freedom - by Augustine

Dear diary

This prison has so many gratifies, and it also smells like pee. It is very hard to sleep at night, and I have to wake up early in the morning because of the smell. The prison I am staying has a window but it is too small. I think they used a small  window so that the prisoners won't escape. But the window is half open. I only eat lunch before 12:00 pm. I do not eat breakfast. My breakfast is my lunch. I only have a sandwich, and that is the only time I get to eat a day. 

I hope I get out of this prison.

Image Attribution:

Dear Jacinda - by Augustine

Dear Jacinda Ardern

I have a problem. My problem is about the people cutting down trees. The trees provide us oxygen and people are cutting it down. Not just trees that other people bring from other countries but New Zealand's native trees, like Kauri tree for example. If people cut down the trees then the Maori people will never let people cut down any trees. They will be very angry and disappointed. I also think that cutting down trees is a bad idea because, you are also destroying the birds that live on the trees. The trees shouldn't be cutting down because it is God's creation. 
Cutting down trees are OK for building houses, but cutting down too much trees, we will have less oxygen, less shelter and no homes for the birds and other animals that lives on trees.

I chose this problem because it is effecting our environment. It is also effecting us.

Dr Jessa Rogers - by Augustine

Jessa was only 25 years old when she won the award. I solved this problem like this:

Born on: 7 of April 1985

Received award on: 9 of July 2010

25 years, 3 months and 2 days.

I solved this problem by counting on by 10's from 1985 - 2010.

Sunday, 22 December 2019

Week 2: Day 1: Taking the lead - Playing favourites

These are my 5 favourite things to do:

1. My favourite thing to do is to hang around with my family.

2. My favourite thing to do is to play sports.

3. My other favourite thing to do is to play my Xbox. 

4. My other favourite to do is to go and visit my family.

5. Finally my other favourite thing to do is to is to play my guitar.

Friday, 20 December 2019

Own choice - by Augustine

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi or Luis Lionel Andres Messi was born in 1987 in Argentina. Messi is one of the greatest soccer players in the world. He won 5 Golden Boots - Trophies. He is also great at kicking the ball into the goal, using his skills on his opponents and he tries to be a great captain to his team.

Facts Attribution:

Dan Carter

Daniel William Carter was born in 1982. Daniel played for Canterbury for the Mitre 10 Cup, and for the Crusaders in the Super Rugby competition. He also played for the All blacks from 2003 - 2015. He was also one of the man that drop kicks the longest.

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Swimming to safety - by Augustine

Swimming to safety

In Syria there was a young girl named Yusra Mardini. When she was young, she was too scared to get into the pool while other kids swam, playing in the pool, she walks to the deep end of the pool and looks at the water. Her dad trained her and her sister to swim like a pro. At times she was winning competitions. When Yusra swam, she felt like she is in a different world. 

When Yusra was 13 Syrians wanted the government to have Democracy but the President of Syria didn't want. Then it became a CIVIL WAR. People were dying. Yusra and her neighbours have machine guns. Yusra's swimming training center was destroyed. She  has no place to swim anymore. Yusra's family was scared and lived in fear. 

At the age of 14, Yusra found a way to escape. It was too dangerous to escape the city. But it was also dangerous staying in the city. Yusra begged her parents to escape. But they said no because it was to dangerous. Especially for her little sister. They had to wait for the war to be over. Then the bombing reached their neighbour hood and their house was destroyed. 

Two of Yusra's cousins planned a long and dangerous trip to Europe and asked to take Yusra and her older sister with them.  So Yusra and her sister went with their cousins. She left with some clothes, a phone and cash to pay the smugglers so that she could go through any countries, because Syrians are not allowed to be in other countries. 

First they flew to one of the cities in Lebanon, then to one of the cities in Turkey.  After that, they began one of the dangerous leg of their journey. Yusra and her sister hid with the group in the woods next to the beach to check if the sea is calm and to avoid the Turkish guard. The smugglers led them into a small boat and pushed them out to sea. But as soon as they left, the Turkish guard caught them and forced them back to shore. 

They wanted to try again when the sun went down. Then they left again. After 20 minutes, the boat went slower until it stopped. They found out that the motor was broken.  They jumped into the freezing water with two other people. 

Yusra tried to swim for the an island. Then she was determined to keep swimming. The four swam for the island. Then they reached the shore.

They hid in Servia in the field. Finally the two girls made a run for it. Then they got caught and was taken to a refuge camp. But the girls ran when they had the chance. 

Finally, they reached their destination, Berlin. Then Yusra found a swimming club. So she joined. Then she was a member of a refuge swimming competition and won.

Later, she didn't want to make her country proud of her, she wanted tell refuges that "No matter where you are, you are some one"

Day5: Againts the odds - National treasure - by Augustine

The 3 things I treasure are:

1. My Xbox - Because if I am bored I can play this but only once week, except for the holidays. That is when I can play the Xbox once every day.

2. My guitar - Because when I am bored and I can't play with my games, I play the guitar. I am pretty good at it.

3. My family - Because without their support I wouldn't be able to play guitar or sports.

Worth her weight in Gold - by Augustine

Attribute image: Drink Bush Beer in the Cook Islands

Attribute image: Tongatapu - Wikipedia

What's in a name - by Augustine

If I was allowed to change my name I would change it to Jonah:

I would change my name to Jonah because it sounds catchy to me. Also the name came from one of the rugby legends Jonah Lomu. He inspires me a little bit. That is why I would change my name Jonah. 

But I think that I like my original name because, some people say that my name is a great name for me, and I kind of like the name because my cousin was named Augustine, my nephew was named Augustine, my uncle's name is Augustine and I was named after the Saint, Augustine.

Day 4: Individual Peruits - Making a racket - by Augustine

Serena Williams and Venus Williams

Serena Williams and Venus Williams are women that were fighting for the women's right to play tennis. Serena Williams was the highest paid woman in 2017 while Venus was on 5th place. Serena is also one of the highest paid athlete in 2017. Serena and Venus's father supported them and helped them to be what they are today. Their father was their coach. He trained them when they were young. 

Serena Williams or Venus Williams ...

Achieving our dreams - by Augustine

Image Attribution: Daniel Ripata (December 2019)

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Defying the odds - by Augustine

LeBron James

1. Who inspired you to become what you are today?

2. How did you get to where you are today?

3. When do you think you are going to retire from your team or from basketball?

4. Were you into any other sports other than basketball?

5. Do you think you can shoot the ball into the hoop from Half cort?

Day 3: Team players - Rugby Superstars - by Augustine

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Miracle on the Hudson - by Augustine

Last year I was playing sports with my class. Then I broke my shoulder. I had to wait for a few weeks before I can play again. But that wasn't the first time. I was playing a rugby game for my rugby club. So I got tackled and I went down. Next, someone steped on my foot and three bones broke. I had to put a cast on my foot, and I changed in when the cast is old and when it is the time to check if the broken bones are fully healed. But the three bones stayed brocken for 6 weeks. So I had to wait for 6 weeks for my foot to be healed.

My Dad:
I know my dad in brave because he has to wake up early in the morning for my family to eat good food, drink fresh water, earn money for other important things. He also works during the afternoon and finishes at night. That is one of the bravest things I have ever heard and seen.

My Mum:
My mum is one of the bravest people ever I saw because she goes to teach at a school far away from where we live. She works hard and teaches the children about all the subjects. She also goes to meetings in the morning or after school.

One small step for man - by Augustine

When I imagine myself being the first person in history to set foot on the moon, I felt:



Heatbreaking - (because I thought I am going to loose my family)


Day 2: Up in the air - Flying solo - by Augustine

Monday, 16 December 2019

Scailing new heights - by Augustine

Auckland City Mission:

The Auckland city mission provides food and medications. They also support those people strugling with their lives. Fundraise money so the homless has a home, the beggers have money, and the hungry so they can have food and water.

Discovering Aotearoa - by Augustine

Discovering my culture - by Augustine

Day 1: Explorers - Setting sail - by Augustine

Setting sail

These are the foods I chose to take with me on this three weeks voyage:

1. Bread - I don't need to put bread in a fridge, plus I can eat bread for 3 or 4 days.

2. Corn beef - I can just eat the corn beef on its own, and it lasts longer. I can eat bread with corn beef as well.

3. Spaghetti - spaghetti can last for more than 3 weeks, and I can eat spaghetti with bread or on its own.

4. Crackers - Cracker is easy to eat, and easy to fit in my bag. I can eat crackers for many days.

5. Chips - Chips can last for more than 3 weeks, and I can eat it on its own. It can also fit easily in my bag.

6. Water - I need something to hydrate me. 

7. Tin fish - It lasts long, it doesn't need to be put in a fridge and you can eat it with the bread or the crackers.

8. Tuna can - It lasts long, and you can use it to make a sandwich with your bread or just eat by itself.

9. Orange - It has vitamins and juice. Orange can last long, it can last for 3 weeks. It helps keep me hydrate.

10. Peanut butter - It lasts long, and you can make a peanut butter sandwich with the bread / crackers.

Monday, 9 December 2019

Choose your own - by Augustine

Keith Alexander

Alexander designed a Springfree Trampoline during the 1980's. His wife never wanted a trampoline or their kids would snap their limbs. So he made the tramp safer for the kids and the family. This was hard work. I know that because he has to add some special equipment by lifting up the tramp or maybe he took down some the parts from the tramp to add safe equipment onto it and then put the parts back on. This must be hard for him and for the family.

Impossible burgers - by Augustine

The original/New impossible burger:

The new impossible burger has less calories than the original impossible burger. 
Original: 290
Calories: 240

The new burgers has less fat than the original burger.
New: Saturated fat - 8g
Original: Saturated fat - 14g

The new and the original burger has the same amount of salt.
New: 1%
Original: 1%

The social network - by Augustine

The social network - by Augustine

5 things that people should follow when they share videos or pictures:

1. Make sure that the video or picture is appropriate. That means that there should be no swearing, and anything bad because what is you share it with a child and they would tell their parents on you and others might not look at your videos or pictures again.

2. Make sure that the video and picture does not hurt other people's feelings. If you do that then they would never talk to you again.

3. Make sure that you do not take pictures of you address and your house or someone might come to your house and steel anything that you have your house.

4. When someone post anything appropriate on social media, and you want to comment on it, you have to say something positive about the post.

5. When you post something and a person comments something bad about your post do not reply back.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Mass Migration - by Augusitne

Mass Migration

I don't think that USA should build a wall between them and Mexico because that is not nice. They are not showing kindness and that is when people hate other people. Another reason that USA shouldn't build a wall is because if they do that, Mexico might break the wall and start a war with USA. That is why USA shouldn't build a wall between them and Mexico.

Fighting for freedom - by Augustine

I would protest for non-violence.

I would protest for this because it is one of the big problems that we have around the globe. Also it is bad to kill innocent people. When people kill others maybe they feel guilty or feel bad for the innocent. If I was a murderer, and I go to jail while I have a family, I would feel said to leave my family and I feel bad that I killed an innocent person.

Leading the Charge - by Augustine

Leading the change

If I was the principle of my school I would make children go on trips once a month if the school has money. I would take the school to sport tournaments, two a term.
Another thing I would do is to let younger kids play with older kids if the game is not dangerous. I would also let kids play with sport equipment. But if they need something from the place we keep our sports equipment then they need to ask a teacher.

When the rubbish hits the road - by Augusitne

I will be interviewing some of my friends in class:

Eli is a year 5 and he has accomplished his maths except for divisions.

Roman is year 5 and he accomplished playing rugby for Marist.

Chadwick is a year 6 and he has accomplished being one of the top kids in maths at his old school.

April is a year 5 and she accomplished

Ofa is a year 5 and he said he accomplished nothing.

Benjamin is a year 5 and he accomplished being one of the best kids in maths this year.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

The rainman of Rajasthan - by Augustine

In this video I learned :

That only 70 percent of earth is water and 30 percent of earth is land. The ocean is 97.5 percent is  salty and 2.5 percent of the ocean is Fresh. Rivers and lakes is 1 percent usable by humans. Asians doesn't have much water because of Evaporation, water leaks, other people in other countries use water and we use he rest for our Gardens. Smoke and rubbish pollutes the waters that is why some water is not clean. 

This is why people like the Water Project stops rubbish from polluting the waters.

The Columbian Exchange - by Augustine

The person who impacted my life with positive things is my DAD. 

He inspires me, helps me and encourages me to do hard work. Like climbing over something to get something important, or vacuuming the house, washing the dishes, climbing up the house to the roof to clean the gutters or just helping him build anything. Most of the time, my dad says yes at everything we ask.

So my dad is the one who impacts my life. 

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

The Greatest of all time - by Augusitne

Good things:

1. I feel special
2. I feel rich
3. I feel like a am an inspiration to others.

Bad things:

1. I feel like I am a show off.
2. I feel like I am greedy because I just want money.
3. I feel board playing the same game most of the time.

Equal pay for equal work - by Augusitne

Equal pay for equal work

I think Female athletes should be paid the same amount as the Male athletes because women don't have to be strong and fast like man. They are just human beings. No one is better than the other. These women work hard and play hard not just to represent their country but to earn money for their family. So that is why Female athletes should be paid the same amount as the Male athletes.

Faster than speeding bullet - by Augustine

Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce

This is my Similes about Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce.

. . . Fast like Usain Bolt.
. . . Tall as a Giraffe
. . . Smart like Albert Einstein
. . . Strong as a Gorilla

Friday, 26 July 2019

What does Mission means - by Augustine

Mission means to answer the calling from God to do something.
Mission day connects to our Mission Charism. Eupherasie Barbier had this special Mission Charism. Mission Charism means a special character.

The Mission Sisters founded our school so we can pray to God, Serve and especially in our