Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Trouble on Christmas Eve

Trouble on Christmas Eve During the Christmas season there lived a family in Auckland, New Zealand. They lived in a huge house in the city. On Christmas eve the parents both had to go to work. So they left their twin daughters to spend the night home alone. The sisters were excited to stay home and to finally feel that they have a huge responsibility to look after the house and each other like adults. 1 hour has passed and the sisters looked tired while watching TV. The living room was full with potato chips and popcorn, and the kitchen was twice the amount of mess there was than the living room.

Suddenly two grown ups decided to spread some Christmas cheer and walked towards their house. They saw that a window was opened so they climbed through. They were walking inside the parents room, looking at lots of  jewellery. They took their bags off and started taking the items. When they were finished they walked to the living room and to their surprise two girls saw them looking shocked. The adults had no choice but to tie them up and tape their mouths shut. “Merry Christmas” one of the robbers called out and walked out the front door.

One of the girls were so scared that she fainted while the other cried. “I hope Santa gives them coal on Christmas” one of the twin’s said. What will they tell the parents when they come back from work? Would they ever have the responsibility to look after the house again?

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