Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Telegrams - by Augustine

What I found out about telegrams:

A telegram is a message that is sent by telegraph, wire, and delivered to people in Morse code. 

A person calls the post office and says what they want to say. Then the office sends the message to the person that the caller wanted to speak to. The office writes it in Morse code then sends. And the person on the other end received the message and tries to figure out what it means.

I think that telegrams were used to pass messages around the world.


  1. Hi Augustine, really interesting facts there about telegram. Good to see that you have done research to know more. Well done, son. Viena - mum

    1. Thank for your comment mum. I had a little help with my teacher but it was very educational. I learned lots of interesting facts about telegrams and I hope I could learn more. Thanks again. Have a great day.