Thursday, 30 April 2020

The Argo's cycle - by Augustine

This picture is a diagram that shows an Argo's cycle.

What is an Argo?
An Argo is a device that collects the temperature of the ocean, then it sends the data to the satellite, and the satellite sends the data to a receiving station that sends the data to scientists.


  1. This diagram is so interesting, Augustine, as I had never heard of an Argo before and now I have learned something. Thank you

  2. Great blog post and diagram Augustine - could you just resize it so it aligns within your blog template?

  3. Hello there Augustine, I too had not heard of an Argo before. Your research and diagram were clear and concise. Why it is important to collect data on the temperature of the sea. Perhaps you could research that too. Awesome job Augustine!

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